Australian Geography

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Maps, Maps, Maps
Maps of the World has a range of maps and information about Australia. Visit World Atlas for maps and some geographical facts or check out this rail map. These maps compare the size of Australia to other countries. Watch a Behind the News story on Modern Maps.

An Overview
Visit National Geographic for a good overview of Australian geography. You will find facts, photos and a map. The video explains some aspects of Indigenous art and the connection of Aboriginal peoples to the land. Visit this Australian Government website to learn more.

About Australia
About Australia is a tourism web site with a great section about geography and much more. From the side menu, click on each of the states and territories. The Maps section has links to tourist attractions. This is a commercial website so there are advertisements to ignore!

Visit BOM (Bureau of Meterology) for temperature maps or rainfall maps. Geoscience Australia has the facts on extreme temperatures and rainfall averages. Learn about the variety of climates found across the continent. Did you know Australia has snowfields? Read how weather is observed, including the use of Indigenous knowledge

Geoscience Australia has an excellent web site with information about landforms, including deserts, longest rivers, rock features, islands and highest mountains. You can even view some landforms from space! World Atlas also has some interesting landform facts.


Learn more about some of Australia's most well known natural and manmade landmarks. You may need to zoom out (minus sign) on the map under each landmark to see in which part of Australia it is located. Click on an icon on this interactive map to learn about a landmark.

Largest, highest, longest
Zoom School lists some gepgraphical facts and has a table of information about states and territories. (Population figures are out of date.) Find current population data at the Australian Bureau Statistics website (2013 estimates).

Thousands of Islands
There are more than 8000 islands off the coast of Australia. Find out about the Quokkas on Rottnest Island. Read about the largest sand island in the world. Meet some of animals of Phillip Island or watch the nightly Penguin Parade. Watch this BTN story on Macquarie Island.

Antarctic Territory
Learn about Mawson Station in Australia's Antarctic territory.  You will find a range of Antarctic maps here. Follow an ABC reporter's journey at Antarctic Summer, with great information, photos and video. Watch these BTN stories about Sir Douglas Mawson and Antarctic Research.

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Changing Animal Habitats
Learn about how habitat loss affects koalasRead about emus coming into the town of Longreach to escape the drought. See the endangered species programs at Australia Zoo. In the last 200 years over 75% of rainforests and almost 50% of all forest have been lost. Find facts about endangered species at FAME.

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Natural Disasters
Learn more about Australian heatwaves, floods, cyclones, severe storms, earthquakes, landslides and droughts at this very detailed government website. Learn about the CSIRO bushfire research. Read about the CSIRO's new bushfire prediction software.

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Environmental Issue - Logging in Tasmania

Watch this BTN story on the debate around logging 'old growth' forests in Tasmania. Read about forest conservation here. The Wilderness Society gives its point of view about the Tasmanian Forest Agreement. Read other opinions about logging in these news reports.

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Environmental Issue - Cane Toad Invasion

Get the facts on cane toads at the Australian Museum. Watch this 2010 Behind the News Story about using cane toad sausages to save endangered native animals from these poisonous creatures. Cane toads have spread across the nation to cause problems in Western Australia.

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Australia's Neighbours - Indonesia
Should Australian kids learn more about Indonesia? Watch this BTN story about sister schools to help you decide. Navigate your way around Go Indonesia and try some of the activities. Read about Indonesia's links with Australia then use the tabs to learn about this close neighbour.

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Australia's Neighbours - China

Read 30 cool facts about China at National Geographic. Read about China's links with Australia then use the tabs to learn more about this fascinating country. Find out about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated in Australia and around the world.

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Australia's Neighbours - Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Read about PNG's links with Australia then use the tabs to learn more about Australia's closest neighbour. More detailed information is available at Factmonster. Watch these BTN stories about the Kokoda Track and Australis's plan to settle refugees who arrive by boat in PNG.

Australia's Neighbours - Samoa
Read about Samoa's links with Australia then use the tabs to learn more about this fascinating country. Find more information at Factmonster. Watch this BTN story about the 2009 tsunami that struck Samoa and earthquake that hit Indonesia.


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