Christmas in Australia

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Aussie Traditions  
Australia shares many Christmas traditions with other countries. Many of the differences in how people celebrate are due to Christmas falling in the middle of summer in the Southern hemisphere. Read about Christmas Day here. Visit this     Australian Government website for more detailed information.

Carols by Candlelight 
Every major city and many Australian towns have Carols by Candlelight events in local parks on a warm night before Christmas. Crowds gather outdoors and sit on picnic blankets or fold up chairs to sing Christmas carols. Carols in the Domain in Sydney is the largest Carols by Candlelight event and is shown on TV. Watch a two minute video of Carols in the Domain. Visit Christmas in Australia to learn more.

Christmas Trees 
Many Australians like to decorate their homes and put up a Christmas tree. Lots of people use re-usable plastic trees but others prefer to buy a fresh pine tree every year. Watch this BTN story about the pros and cons of artificial and real Christmas trees. Try your hand at lighting this tree.

The Beach
Christmas time in Australia often means a trip to the beach. The main hazard to swimmers is rip currents in the surf. Learn all about rips here. To be safe at the beach, always swim between the flags.

Christmas Beetles
Australians often hear the buzzing of Christmas beetles around lights at night time. Why do Christmas beetles arrive just in time for Christmas?  Get the facts at the National Museum of Australia or the Queensland Museum.


The Boxing Day Test 
One of the most popular sporting events over the Christmas period is the Boxing Day Test. This cricket match is held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Over 90 000 people go to watch Australia play England on the first day of the test match. Read about it here. Find out how to play.


Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
On 26 December every year, a fleet of yachts sets sail from Sydney to Hobart on a dangerous 1100 kilometre ocean race. People line Sydney Harbour to watch the fleet leave. Read more here. See some great photos here. Look at a map of Australia.


White Christmas

No, it doesn't snow in Australia on Christmas day, but there is a tasty treat called white Christmas. Find a photograph and recipe here. Sometimes back yards are covered in a layer of white, but that's because of hail stones that sometimes come with summer thunder storms, not snow!


Storm Troopers

Christmas falls in the middle of the Australian storm season. The State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers help when severe storms hit. Watch this Behind the News Story about teens training to respond to emergencies as SES cadets.


Christmas time in Australia falls in the middle of summer, which is also bushfire season. Many Australians have plans in place to prepare for bushfires. In these Behind the News stories, you can meet some kids who helped save their homes and learn about a school's bushfire plan.


Aussie Jingle Bells
Australians sing traditional Christmas carols and other songs written with Australian summertime in mind. Read the lyrics to an Aussie version of Jingle Bells and learn the meaning of some of the words. Watch a funny video of the song (on YouTube) or just listen to the song on Colin Buchanan's website - go to 'Listen' section and click on the song title. 


Christmas Treksntrails for Early Primary Years
Go on a swimming adventure. Play a game about sun safety. Colour Santa online. Find links to Christmas e-books from around the world. Visit Treksntrails Christmas for Early Primary Years.

       Download some Treksntrails Aussie bookmarks to decorate.

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