Easter Traditions

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Easter Symbols
Use the menu on the side of the page to navigate to lots of interesting Easter information about symbols and special days at whyeaster.com. Read more about Easter symbols at Holiday Spot.

The Easter Story  
Read the illustrated Story of Easter at Top Marks. A longer version of the Easter Story, also written for kids, can be found here.

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Bet you didn’t know…
Did you know over 16 billion jelly beans are produced for Easter each year - and that’s just in the United States! Watch the video to learn more interesting and unusual facts about Easter.

Easter in Europe
Learn how to say 'Happy Easter’ and read about Easter in France at Euroclub Schools. There is more information about what French children do at Easter time here. Photos and facts on a German Easter. Read about Polish Easter customs here.

Easter in Australia
Have you heard of the Easter Bilby? In Australia you can buy chocolate bilbies as well as chocolate rabbits. Read some information about bilbies  and what is being done to protect them. You can watch a short video of Sydney’s Royal Easter Show here. Watch this Behind the News segment about some of the ways Australians celebrate Easter.

Easter in the United Kingdom
Project Britain tells how Easter is celebrated in the United Kingdom, as well as some facts on Easter in other countries. Did you know that Hare Pie Scramble and Bottle Kicking take place in Leicestershire every Easter? Top Marks also provides information on Easter in the UK.

Easter Around the World
Check out what happens at Easter time in countries around the worldEasterbunnys.net has the facts on Easter in dozens of different countries. Fact Monster has some fascinating facts, but the text is a little more difficult to read. 

Holy Days
Easter is a special time for Christians, when the last week of Jesus’s life is remembered. Other religions have special holy days, too. Learn about important days for other world religions: Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism.

When is Easter?
Top Marks explains how the dates for Easter are calculated. You’ll also find a lot of great information on this site, an illustrated version of the Easter Story and some fun activities.

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