St Patrick's Day and Ireland

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Who was Saint Patrick?
This BBC website gives you the facts, the 'doubtful facts', and the myths about Saint Patrick. Did St Patrick really exist? Did he really drive the snakes out of Ireland? Was St Patrick really kidnapped by a gang of Irish pirates? Find the answers here.


St Patrick's Day Symbols
Learn about the symbols of St Patrick's Day. There is more information about symbols and maps at


St Patrick's Day Craft
Activity Village has heaps of St Patrick's Day fun that is free to download. You will find a collection of crafts, colouring pages, puzzles and printables. Use a grid to copy a leprechaun or pot of gold. Follow easy steps to draw St Patrick.

Videos, Videos, Videos
Visit and choose from a range of short videos (from 1-3 min) that tell you just about everything you could possibly want to know about St Patrick's Day: leprechauns, shamrocks, parades, holiday food, St Patrick and much more.

Ireland Facts and St Patrick's Day Activities
DLTK's Craft for Kids has information about Ireland and a great St Patrick's Day page with many craft activities, songs, poems, as well as online and printable games. 


Irish Castles 
Learn about some of Ireland’s most famous castles. Find out about the castle that thousands of people visit each year - to kiss a stone! See Ireland's place in Europe on a map. Did you know there are two countries on the island of Ireland? 

Ireland Facts
Get the facts on Ireland at Science Kids. Lots of interesting facts and figures here and you’ell find even more Ireland facts at Ducksters.


St Patrick's Day Around the World
Check out the green river celebrations in Chicago. How is St Patrick's Day celebrated in Australia? Browse through this photo gallery of past St Patrick's Day celebrations in Dublin, the Irish capital.

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